Windows 10 October Update

Hello everyone,

todays topic is Microsoft’s Windows 10 October update and some much needed information regarding this update. Microsoft has in resent weeks started to release and push the October update for computers and devices running Windows 10. This update brings small bug fixes, some more features and anti-virus definition updates, for the most part it is as expected another ordinary update.

Microsoft has since pulled the update and stopped pushing it to their devices due to reports from some users that have reported data loss in their documents directory. The most extreme case reported was a user with a folder of just shy of 200 GB’s of data that vanished after the update. The reported user took action to recover his lost data by rolling back the update (a process that sets the computer back to a state before the latest update installed on the computer) even after the roll back the user reported that the data was not visible, unfortunately his data seamed to have vanished after the update. As much as we wish that this was only one isolated case, it isn’t. although this has been seemingly isolated to a very small group of users we still continue to advise our clients to have a backup of their data.

Data recovery has rapidly become a large source of business for our company, but it doesn't have to be this way, we would much rather help you store your data safely instead. Coastal Custom Computers and our staff push the need for a backup strongly for our clients. We know that sometimes data loss and accidental deletion of data can happen, in that event we can help you! We are a big advocate of physical backup hard drives for your devices so you have your data physically with you. Secondly some users are worried of fire, flood or tsunami, in this event we advocate to also have your most precious data (family photos, tax and medical records, wills, and other highly important data) be stored with a cloud service, this allows your data to be stored on your computer, your backup drive, and a cloud service offsite.

Windows and Mac users we recommend Microsoft OneDrive and DropBox, Both services are very reliable and free (at time of writing) from 10-50GB depending on the service you choose. This is a great free service that we implore all our clients to use! Importantly remember to use a password that you will remember and secondly when setting up your cloud service use an email address that you have access to. All to often we see clients that have stored their data in a cloud account that they can not access due to the client changing their email address and not updating their email on their could account. Cloud storage accounts can pose to be difficult to reset without access to the email that the cloud service has on file.

(UPDATE) Microsoft has started to re-release the October update for Windows 10 and released a statement that reads “We have fully investigated all reports of data loss, identified and fixed all known issues in the update, and conducted internal validation,” says Microsoft’s John Cable, director of program management for Windows Servicing and Delivery. We do not anticipate to see any more updates as worrying as the October update any time soon, if we hear anything more we will let our clients know of such change.

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Greg Dotson, Owner - Operator - Coastal Custom Computers And Electronics.


Hello everyone, almost like clockwork we receive at least one computer per week with some sort of issue that has lead to data loss. Data loss can be devastating to anyone. Almost everyone stores their family photos, music library, important documents and many other precious bits on their computer. It is always great to digitize information for safe keeping, although it is ever so easy to not formulate a backup solution.

Coastal Custom Computers is not only in the computer business, a large amount of our daily work is solving problems. We always urge all of our customers to have a backup solution, whatever it may be. There are many different methods of backups', the most common, although not the best is on disks / CD's, although this works it is not a long term solution, most consumer grade CD's experience degradation over time, in essence losing data. The best consumer backup solution that we have found is using an external hard drive.

Most modern external hard drives have enough storage space for the whole family, and migrating to a larger and or newer drive is easier than other backup solutions. We sell external hard drives at our store and always encourage our clients to have a backup of their data. The external hard drive is small enough to fit into your pocket and take with you anywhere, making it the ideal choice for a backup solution, in case of an emergency (assuming there is enough time) it is easy to simply grab and go.

We can't stress how important a backup solution of any kind is because we see the recurring need for them every day. Computers are far from perfect and can experience problems that can all to easily lead to data loss. Having a backup is the best step you can take to holding onto your important information.